How to Organize Photos

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How to Organize Photos

As a mom you probably take a ton of photos, especially now that you can take them right on your phone that is most likely always with you. But what in the world are you supposed to do with all those photos? Today, I’m sharing how to organize photos quickly and easily.

Pick Favorites

Digital cameras make it so easy to take a plethora of photos, I probably took 20 photos of my son having a popsicle for the first time. But let’s face it they all pretty much look the same. Pick your favorites and delete the rest.


At the beginning of each month I download the pictures off our iPhones and save them to my computer by date. Right now we pretty much just use our iPhone cameras to take pictures (I’m hoping to get a DSLR for Christmas). When I did use an actual camera I would take out the memory card and download the pictures to my computer. On my Mac I use iPhoto and it saves the pictures by date. When I used a PC I created a folder for the year and saved each picture in a subfolder by month.

Photo FilesTip: Don’t forget to save pictures others share with you by email or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I simply open the email or Facebook on my phone then hit save image so it will be there when it’s time to download to my computer and won’t be missed.

Digital Storage

At the end of each year I copy the photo folder to a disc for storage. I label the disc with the year and put it in a photo box (kind of ironic) with my other years of photos. With changing technology I think this year I’m going to use a flash drive to store them.Photo Box

Photo Books

What good are photos if you can’t easily flip through them? I used to be a scrapbooker (Thank you Rangerettes!). But now I love making photobooks. Each year I make a family yearbook using Snapfish. I also make small photo books for trips or special occasions, like our extended family beach vacation (everyone got a copy).  I made one for my sister as a Christmas gift to commemorate her time as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. They make great gifts- (Mother’s Day is just around the corner).

Photo BooksSteps to create your own Photo Book
  1. Upload photos– I try to fix red-eye and make any edits necessary then upload my photos. Since I’ve stored them in chronological order they upload that way as well. I choose the auto load feature and start making changes from there.
  2. Lay out each page & add text– Each event gets it’s own page(s). Random one-off pictures get collaged together on pages throughout the book. I’ll add in pages so I can easily drag and drop the photos I want on each page. Then I just hit the layout button till it ends up how I want it to look and make any adjustments.
  3. Choose Backgrounds– There are tons of options from colors, holiday themes and other themes.
  4. Add embellishments– It’s like digital scrapbooking, you can add stickers, frames, quotes, etc.
  5. Order– once you’ve looked everything over, order your book and wait for it’s arrival. Some can even be picked up at stores like Walgreens.

Tip: The pricing for your photo book will depend on how many pages you have. Again, a good time to remember not every picture has to go in the photo book. A couple of pictures of my child covered in red popsicle are pretty much all you need to get the idea he had a fun messy time.

Popsicle Fun

Ideally, I would work on my photo book each month. In February when I download January’s pictures, I would upload them and complete that month’s pages and on January 1st I’d be ready to print the previous year’s book. But, ask me if I’m done with 2014’s photo book yet. Not so much. I’m dreaming of some magical day when I’m going to get all caught up (and ahead) on things. Maybe next month.

How has technology changed how you store your photos?

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