Travel Tips for Working Moms

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Travel tips for working moms

As a working mom, traveling for work can be a bit difficult.  But, with the right planning you can make it a more enjoyable experience. I’ve got a few travel tips for working moms and ideas to make work travel easier on everyone.


Write down or send calendar invites to your spouse for activity reminders. Don’t forget pick up times if your spouse is not usually the one to pick the kids up from school.

I also check the calendar and make sure to fill out any forms and send in any money that will be due while I’m away.

Write a note or email the teacher to let them know you’ll be away.  I like to do this so they’ll know what’s going on and can comfort my child if necessary.  I also plan an easy menu of things my husband likes to cook (spaghetti, hamburgers, anything on the grill).

Adjust your attitude

You have to go so why not try and enjoy it.  Start by ditching the mommy guilt.  I actually think it’s great for my son and husband to have some time together just the two of them.  So instead of dreading your next work trip, find something to look forward to.  It could be as simple as getting to watch whatever you want on tv in your hotel room or some alone time. I go to Vegas several times a year and always look forward to the delicious meals I get to enjoy (and not pay for).

Make it a quest

Whenever I travel I always ask my son what he would like me to bring him back.  It’s usually a small toy and some candy. (Both items I can usually wrangle up for free at a trade show.) He also really likes hotel soap.  I get extra points when I stay at the Bellagio since I can bring back everything that’s marked with a B (soap, chocolate, coasters, paper).   When I talk to him and he asks when I’m coming home I’ll tell him I can’t come home yet because I haven’t found him any candy yet but I think I might know where to find it tomorrow.  It works.

Bring a sidekick
Spiderman Overlooking Vegas
Spiderman Overlooking the Vegas Strip

I always let my son pick out a small action figure for me to take on my trip.  I take pictures of the action figure on my trip and send them to my husband to show my son.  He gets a kick out of it.

Stay in Touch

Facetime is an awesome way to stay in touch while you’re traveling.  I always make time for a goodnight call every night of my trip, even if I have to sneak away from a dinner for a few minutes.  This is also when I update my son on the status of my quest to find him toys & candy.

Leave a Memento

Goodnight Kiss

I like to leave a little something behind to let my son & my husband know I’ll miss them.  I’ve left Goodnight kisses on their pillow & actual Hershey’s kisses.


This pillow is totally a gag gift I got B after we saw something similar on an episode of the Goldbergs, one of his favorite shows.  You can still snuggle with your child even while you’re away, lol!

The best part of traveling for work has got to be coming home.  There’s certainly something to be said for being missed.  I’m a lucky girl to be loved by such sweet boys.  I eat up all the extra hugs and snuggles while I can because in the morning, it’s usually back to normal.

What are your favorite things about traveling for work?

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