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Yes, as much as my husband likes to make fun of me I am in a Bunco group.  And I love it!  To my husband, Bunco was something his mother used to do and yes the first group I subbed in was with some neighbors who are a little older than me.  But my current group is filled with ladies that are about the same age as me and are in the same season of life.Bunco Meme

In my opinion it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people as you go through different seasons in life.  When B was a baby I had a group of ladies that I would get together with, aka a Playgroup.  We would share all our latest baby raising stories, ask our “is this normal questions”, enjoy a reason to get dressed and out of the house and some adult conversation.  I’ve always felt really lucky to have had that sort of support as a new mom.  Now as a mom of an elementary schooler it’s been great to have a group to talk with about new challenges and get ideas from.

What is Bunco?

Simply put Bunco is a dice game typically played by 12 people.  There are different methods of playing.  The group I am in keeps it pretty simple with the goal of just trying to roll sixes.  Apparently there is a World Bunco Association where you can get all the rules.

Hosting Bunco

My bunco group meets once a month and we take turns hosting.  For the past two years I’ve hosted in July which means I’ve stuck to a red, white & blue theme.

Bunco -eating and drinkingFood & Drinks

Light appetizers are usually the norm for bunco night. Since I recently hosted my sister’s bridal shower I used a lot of the same recipes.

Bunco drink table

I find variety is the key for serving drinks.  I usually have fruit infused water, some sort of alcohol infused punch, along with red & white wines.  Bunco wine time

Here’s the non-recipe (I didn’t really measure anything) for the punch I put together.  I must say it was pretty tasty and there wasn’t a drop left.  It’s similar to my version of the Pink Panty Dropper I made for my sister’s bachelorette party.Bunco PunchWe usually eat & chat for the first hour then play the actual game for the next hour.

Playing the game

Bunco NightTo set up to play Bunco you will need 3 different tables with seating for 4 at each table.  I used the kitchen table, coffee table (using ottomans, the couch and a pouf for seating) and a card table I purchased at Target.  (My has since turned into a fort 🙂 )  Each table has 3 dice, pencils, scorecards and most importantly candy!  I always love sampling the different kinds of candy.  I also like to put a place mat on the table to roll the dice on so they don’t roll everywhere.

Bunco is about getting to know people so as you play you’ll end up moving from table to table, switching partners and talking about all sorts of things.  The cash prizes are really just icing on the cake.

Why I Love Bunco

I’m so glad my friend asked me to be part of her bunco group.  I’ve met so many wonderful, fun & supportive women. I enjoy visiting their homes and seeing how they’ve decorated things.  Many of the girls in my group are highly talented in this area and I always come away with new ideas. Seriously, I hired my friend who started the group to decorate some parts of my home.  I also enjoy sampling the variety of appetizers & desserts and have picked up many new recipes.  Mainly though,  it’s so nice to have a night out and enjoy some good girl talk with such a great group of women.

Do you play Bunco?  What sorts of things does your Bunco group do?


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