Gift Ideas for Moms Getting Healthy & Fit

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Moms are the worst about buying things for themselves.  These gift ideas for moms getting healthy & fit will show her you’ve noticed her hard work and spoil her with a few things she might not buy for herself. Add a note that says you’ve noticed how hard she’s been working, can really tell a difference and are so proud of her. 

Gift Ideas for Moms Getting Healthy & Fit

Gift Guide

  1. Stitch Fix Gift Card -Nothing makes a woman feel better about herself than a cute outfit that fits well. If you don’t know mom’s size don’t guess, just get her a gift card.
  2. New Workout Wear– Splurge a little on some new workout wear mom would never spend the money on for herself. The price is really worth it for better quality.
  3. Beachbody Gear-Get mom the finisher shirt for the program she just finished to celebrate her accomplishment.
  4. New Workout Shoes– Put a spring in her step with a new pair of kicks. 
  5. Heavier Weights/Weight Rack – As mom gets stronger she needs heavier weights. I’ve seen so many women mention they need heavier weights but just don’t want to spend the money to get them for themselves. 
  6. Yoga Mat– Get mom a fresh new yoga mat. 
  7. NutriBullet– Make her daily shake routine a little easier.
  8. FIXATE Cookbook– Give mom some new healthy recipes to try.
  9. Instant Pot –  If your mom has been working on eating better make things easier for her with some new cooking tools.
  10. Foam Roller – Help mom work the soreness out of those muscles with a foam roller. 
  11. Massage Gift Card -Self care is important and nothing is better for a mom who has been working hard on her fitness than a massage.
  12. Bath Salts– These bath salts smell amazing and will help relax mom’s sore muscles. 

These gift ideas are perfect for the mom who has been working hard on her health & fitness. What would you add to the list?

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