How to Get the Most Out of Stitch Fix

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Get the most out of Stitch FixStitch Fix makes shopping easy and fun for busy moms (& dads).  I’m slightly obsessed! I have friends who love the service and others who didn’t have a very good experience.  But like anything new it can take time for things to click.  The more you use the service and communicate with your stylist the better your experience will be.  These tips will show you how to get the most out of Stitch Fix.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends clothing and accessories right to your front door.

Here’s a quick rundown on how it works:

  • Fill Out Your Style Profile
  • Select Your Shipment Date
  • Receive 5 Pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, accessories)
  • Try-On
  • Keep What You Like/ Return What You Don’t in Prepaid Envelope
  • Get a 25% Discount for Keeping All 5 Items

To learn more about how Stitch Fix works check out my post – What is Stitch Fix? for all the details. Curious about what comes in a fix?  Check out my Stitch Fix Reviews.

How to Get The Most Out of Stitch Fix

Find One Thing

Find at least one thing out of each shipment to keep.  By keeping one thing you won’t lose the $20 styling fee. If nothing in your fix matches your style, find a piece you can give to someone else. A piece of jewelry that’s not right for you might be a great gift for a friend.

Share Your Fix

Show the pieces you don’t want to friends and family.  One of my early fixes was a bust. But my mom really liked the necklace they sent. I kept the necklace and gifted it to my mom. I saved the $20 styling fee and was able to find a gift for my mom, which is not easy to do.  Sometimes my sister and I will try-on pieces from each other’s fixes before we send things back.  Giving friends and family the opportunity to buy pieces from your fix will help you save your styling fee and can help you get the 25% discount for keeping all 5 items.  A win for everyone!

Also, there are Facebook group boards where you can buy, sell and trade items from your fix.  This helps you avoid losing your styling fee and can help you get the 25% discount for keeping all 5 items.

Be Honest

Be really honest with your feedback. Otherwise you’re going to keep getting stuff you don’t really like.  Did you fib a little on your sizes in your style profile?  Put down a size 6 when you’re more like an 8?  Don’t be surprised when the jeans they send you don’t fit.  Remember they use algorithms to determine the best fit based on the answers to the questions  you filled out in your style profile.

Not really comfortable with the latest trend?  Don’t be embarrassed to say you’re just not into certain styles.  No one is judging you. The whole high-waisted trend, not for me.  First of all, I do not like to draw attention to that part of my body.  Secondly, it looks terrible on me.  There are really only a few people I think it works for. I am not one.

Get the most out of Stitch Fix - Pinterest Stitch Fix Board

Use Pinterest

Set-up a Pinterest board to share with your stylist.  Next, pin ideas of outfits and items you like so your stylist gets a sense of your style.  Follow other style boards (like mine) to find pins. Make sure you only pin things you’d like to receive. Think of it as a wish list. Stylists really check out your boards.  I’ve received a few exact items from my Pinterest board.    Many times my stylist has commented that she wasn’t able to send me the exact item but found something similar.

Pinned Item vs Stitch Fix-

Make a Request

Tell your stylist what you would like.  Every time you schedule a fix you are given the opportunity to write a note to your stylist.  While Stitch Fix stylists are pretty good they aren’t mind readers.  I’ve seen people comment that they never get cute dresses in their fixes.  If you want cute dresses tell your stylist.  Be specific in  your request.  You can even reference the type of dresses you are looking for, “I’d like some sun dresses like the Kassidy Faux Wrap Dress I pinned on my Pinterest board.”  This will help your stylist know exactly what you are looking for.

Also, ask your stylist to style you for special occasions.  I’ve requested outfits for my sister’s bridal shower and our vacation to San Francisco.

Get Paid

Share your love of Stitch Fix and earn money.  Refer your friends and get a $25 credit!  Simply share your personal referral link with friends and family.  Then, when their 1st Fix ships you’ll receive credit to apply to your next fix.

Using these tips to get the most out of Stitch Fix will help your experience go from ho-hum to fix obsession!

It’s working here!  Want to give it a try?  Use my referral link to get started.

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