Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch fun at P-6 Farms

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We took a trip last weekend to P-6 Farms in Montgomery, Texas for some fall fun, even though it was 90 degrees. I really wanted to take B to a corn maze and this one was a great choice.  Along with the corn maze they also have a pumpkin patch, concessions and a number of fun activities for all ages. We had a great time!

Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch Fun P-6 Farms



P-6 Farms is about 30 minutes outside of Conroe.  We stopped and had lunch on Lake Conroe on our way to the farm.

Corn Maze

There are two mazes cut into 8 acres of corn.  A small maze and a larger one.

2015 P-6 Farms Corn Maze

The small corn maze is designed for kids and takes about 15 minutes to get through.  They’ve incorporated the book Spookley the Square Pumpkin so you can tell if you’re on the right path.

Spookley The Square Pumpkin

Once we mastered the small corn maze we thought we were ready to tackle the large one.  According to the website it takes the average person an hour to complete the entire corn maze.

P-6 Farms Corn Maze

Since it was so hot outside we were quickly over the 2nd maze.

P-6 Farms Corn Maze-which way

These fun pics were taken in the first maze.  I don’t even want to know how haggard we looked trying to find our way out of the 2nd maze.  They do give you a map and there is an interactive clue type game you can play using your smart phone.  We didn’t.  After many dead-ends and turning in circles we found a group that seemed like they knew what they were doing and followed them out of the corn maze!

If I had it to do again we’d probably just do the small corn maze.  The maze is wide enough for strollers and wagons.  Wear comfy shoes.  There is a lot of walking and the ground is uneven and bumpy.


After the corn maze we hit up the refreshments.  The kettle corn is as delicious as it smells.  I highly suggest it, but beware it is very addictive.  I was a little disappointed in the roasted corn.  It was yummy but I don’t think it’s really roasted.  There were no char marks on the husks.


We watched the pig races, which were quite entertaining, while we enjoyed our refreshments.  Then B had fun doing some of the activities.

Duck Races

Tube Rolling

We all participated in the Friendly Fire activity.  It’s like a paintball course but instead of paintballs you shoot little foam balls.  It was fun!

Pumpkin PatchP-6 Farms Pumpkin patch

They’ve got a cute little pumpkin patch perfect for photos of your little ones.  The pumpkin selection is on the small side. We let B get a small pumpkin as a souvenir of our trip.  They also have a gift shop with all sorts of toys, decorations and goodies.

P-6 Farms Info

*Please check website for current times and prices

Hours:  Saturday 10:00-8:00 & Sunday 12:00-5:00


4 & up- $10.50 (plus tax)

Grandparents- $8.50 (plus tax)

Children 3 & under- FREE!

They accept cash & credit/debit

Activities included with admission:

corn maze, cow train, hayride, duck races, pig races, and courtyard activities

Additional fee activities:

Water Cannon: 1 ticket a shot or… $5.00 for 6 shots or $10.00 for 13 shots
Jumping Pillow: 2 tickets ~ (10 minute jump)
Friendly Fire: 2 tickets = 4 minutes (paintball but without the mess) foam balls used instead

Tickets are $1.00 (tax included)

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