Spring Cleaning: Closet Organization

Closet Organization

So in Part 1 we put a system in place to clean out our closet.  Now we organize!  I’m sharing ideas for closet organization and giving you a tour of our master closet.

I redid our master closet a couple of years ago when my husband bought me wooden hangers for my birthday. (Don’t worry, he’s not a bad gift giver, this is actually exactly what I asked for and they made me very happy. I have issues I know).  I still have plans to really take our closet to the next level with some built-ins but we’re not there yet. Continue reading “Spring Cleaning: Closet Organization”

The Target REDCard Explained

 Target REDcard ExplainedAt the end of every Target trip when you’re checking out you’re always faced with the same question, “Would you like to apply for a Target REDCard?”  Now I’m a Dave Ramsey Girl so my automatic response is always “NO” ( see post on finances if you’re curious why). Until one day a friend explained the Target REDcard to me.  Lightbulb!  Why didn’t someone explain it to me this way before? All the money saving benefits and how the Target REDCard works. Continue reading “The Target REDCard Explained”

Easy Closet Clean Out System

I get it, you’re probably holding on to a number of things in your closet that you might wear.  Let’s be honest though, you probably won’t.  I developed an easy closet clean out system to help you weed out those maybe never articles of clothing.

Easy Closet Clean-Out System

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Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization

It’s spring cleaning time! What better way to kick things off than cleaning out and organizing your pantry. Today I’m going to share with you how I’ve organized our pantry and 3 easy steps for pantry organization.  Continue reading “Pantry Organization”

Brazil Butt Lift Review

Swimsuit season is right around the corner.  What better way to get ready than by getting your rear in gear.  This Brazil Butt Lift Review gives you all the details of the program and what results you can expect.

Brazil Butt Lift Review

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