Mini Miami Vacation

mini miami vacation

My husband and I recently took our 1st trip to Miami.  When I told him I had to go for work he said he’d been wanting to go so we decided to make a mini Miami vacation out of it.  Since we had some money in our vacation account (we have money automatically put in there each week- read more about How to Make Saving Automatic here) it made the last minute decision even easier. We are also very lucky to have my Dad who is always willing to take care of B while we are away.

Today I’m sharing some of the highlights of our Mini Miami Vacation!

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5 Things to Know Before You Uber


5 Things to know before you Uber

By now you’ve either heard of Uber and Ubered yourself or are still wondering how it all works.  I’d taken an Uber to the airport once but was with someone who was quite familiar with how it all worked.  My husband and I recently Ubered (have they added that to the dictionary yet?) to the Houston Rodeo Cook-off and I wanted to share some things I learned the hard way from our recent Uber experience to hopefully save you from an uber expensive trip.

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Saving your Disney Vacation Memories

Saving Your Disney Vacation Memories

Memories, photos & mementos all return home with you after a fun family vacation.  Here are some ideas to keep those Disney vacation memories alive. Continue reading “Saving your Disney Vacation Memories”

Disney Dining

Disney Dining

There is a lot of information out there about dining at Disney. Should you purchase the Disney Dining plan or not?  To help you decide I’m sharing our experience with you.

We chose the Basic Dining Plan but didn’t let it limit what we ate.  I kept some notes on what we ate during our trip and used information I found on WDWInfo to fill in prices.   Continue reading “Disney Dining”

Packing for Disney

Packing for DisneyWe’ve done all the planning, gathering and added Extra Magic.   Now it’s time to throw it all in a suitcase.  Here are some tips and ideas on packing for Disney. Continue reading “Packing for Disney”