Back to School Shopping with Stitch Fix Kids

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Shopping for new Back to School clothes takes less 5 minutes at our house.  My secret isn’t online shopping. I don’t have to scroll through multiple sites and pick out clothes for my son. It’s all done for me. See how Back to School shopping with Stitch Fix Kids saves your time and sanity. 

Back to School Shopping with Stitch Fix Kids

Shopping Made Fun

When I was in elementary school, I remember my mom dragging me to the mall at the end of the Summer to buy new school clothes.  I would follow my mom through the department store maze while she grabbed stir-up pants with matching long-sleeve tops off racks and racks of clothes. Then, I had to try-on everything.  The most annoying thing my mom would say is, “Don’t you already have something like that?” It was a whole afternoon of my last precious days of Summer wasted. It was not fun. 

Fast-forward 30 years and my son doesn’t have to deal with the torment of wasting a sunny, Summer afternoon in a tiny dressing room with bad lighting. Now, school clothes magically appear at our door. He can try them on when he’s taking a break from playing with his friends. We can mix and match with clothes he already has. No wondering if he “already has something like that.”  He actually had a great time trying on his new clothes. It was Fun!

How Stitch Fix Kids Works

Stitch Fix Kids works a little differently than their Women’s, Men’s, Plus Size and Maternity offering.  Here’s a quick run down of how the kids styling service works.  For full details check out my post announcing Stitch Fix Kids.

  • Fill Out Your Child’s Style Profile
  • Select Your Shipment Date
  • Receive 8-12 Items
  • Try-On At Home
  • Keep What You Like/ Return What You Don’t in Prepaid Envelope
  • Get a 25% Discount for Keeping All Items

The more feedback you provide the better your child’s next fix will be.  You can schedule a fix whenever you like or set fixes up for automatic delivery.

Stick Fix Kids Review

I may have bribed my son with Fornite Vbucks to get him to model his Back to School Stitch Fix clothes. He did tell me he would of done it for free. I felt like he earned it though because he had to put on pants and jackets in 94° weather. With the sweltering humidity the feels like temperature was  106°. 

Just like last year’s box he was excited to try everything on. He loved every piece except for one. 

Rumi + Ryder Graphic Pocket Tee
Rumi + Ryder Short Sleeve Pocket Tee $16

First, he tried on the Rumi + Ryder Graphic Pocket Tee. I love the mint color, especially with my son’s beautiful blue eyes. The shark popping out of the pocket is a fun detail. We paired the shirt with some navy shorts he already had. The shorts are Cat & Jack from Target

Odin & Ivy Graphic Tee
Odin & Ivy Graphic Tee $12

Next, he tried on the yellow Odin & Ivy Graphic Tee. It’s got a fun design with a dinosaur riding a skateboard being sucked into a spaceship. He’s not into dinosaurs, skateboards or spaceships. This was the one item he did not particularly care for. It’s just not him. He didn’t really like the mustardy yellow either.

But if you’ll remember, Stitch Fix gives you a 25% discount for keeping all your items. And since he LOVED all the other pieces it was cheaper to keep this item. We plan to give the shirt to a friend or donate it. 

Hurley Cloud Slub Tee Wayside Jeremiah Short
Hurley Cloud Slub Henley Tee $22 and Wayside Jeremiah Fleece Mesh Stripe Short $10

Then, he tried on the Hurley Cloud Slub Henley Tee with the Wayside Jeremiah Fleece Mesh Stripe Shorts. When my son felt the material on this shirt he loved it. It’s thin, silky and perfect for our hot weather.  

I am a bit confused about the shorts because the description says fleece but they don’t feel like fleece. They are nice and comfy though. The mesh design adds a nice detail. 

Hurley Quarter Zip Solar Fleece
Hurley Solar Fleece Quarter Zip $34

After getting to try on short sleeves and shorts we got into the cooler weather items. My son absolutely loved this Hurley Solar Fleece Quarter Zip pullover. The sleeves were a little long on him but work when pushed up. I’m sure he will grow into it. I’m secretly hoping to borrow it or find it in ladies. 

Level 10 Khalid Woven Shirt Adriano Goldschmied James Ag Jeans
Level 10 Khalid Short Sleeve Woven Shirt $18 and Adriano Goldschmied Kids James Ag Slim Straight Stretch Denim $38

In the notes to my son’s stylist I let her know that he practically lives in athletic wear. However, I did request at least one nice outfit to wear out to dinner or other occasions. 

I really like the Level 10 Khalid Short Sleeve Woven Shirt and Adriano Goldschmied Kids James Ag Slim Straight Stretch Denim jeans she picked out. My son likes them too. The shirt has little arrow details which are sort of like my blog logo so that makes me happy. You can flip up the sleeves to reveal a contrasting detail. 

Rumi + Ryder Tee & Track Pant Threads 4 Thought Zip Up Hoodie
Rumi + Ryder The Classic Conversational Tee $16 & The Classic Everyday Active Slim Track Pant $22

Lastly, he tried on the The Classic Conversational Tee & The Classic Everyday Active Slim Track Pant both from Rumi + Ryder. I wasn’t sure if he would like the tee at first. It has a fun camo gecko print. He loved it! So much so that he didn’t want to take it off and ended up wearing it out to dinner, after changing into some shorts. 

He likes the pants. They are a nice, silky thin material. I’m not sure how well they will hold up though. Most of his pants from last year have holes in the knees. We will see how these fare. 

Threads 4 Thought Zip Up Hoodie Rumi+Ryder Tee & Track Pant
Threads 4 Thought The Essentials Color Block Zip Up Hoodie $28

He topped the Rumi + Ryder tee and track pants with the Threads 4 Thought The Essentials Color Block Zip Up Hoodie. I love the colors in this hoodie. It is also very cozy. Another piece I’m hoping to borrow. 

Shopping Success

Back to School shopping with Stitch Fix Kids was definitely a success again this year! My son loved 9 out of the 10 items. He has entered that weird boy age where appearance has become important to him. As he was trying on his new clothes I could tell they made him feel really confident. Which makes me happy as his mom. 

Give It A Try

Use the link below to get your own shopping done with the click of a button. 

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