5 Weird Things I Do Before Vacation

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5 Weird Things I Do Before Vacation
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So if you’ve been following along you’ve figured out I’m a big-time planner and list maker.  I’ve shared my tips for Planning a Family Beach Vacation, Planning A Trip to Disney and today I’m going to share with you some of the “weird” things I do before vacation.  Oh sure I do all the normal list-making, packing, making sure the cat has extra food, the stove is turned off (OCD anyone?) and those sort of things.  But, I also do a few additional things before vacation that are really all about making the idea of coming home more inviting.

5 Weird Things To Do Before Vacation

  1. Tidy Up the House 

    No one wants to come home to a messy house.  Before we head out I like to pick up all the clutter & make the beds.

  2. Clean Out the Fridge

    I especially like to do this if my parents are staying with B at our house while we are out of town.  I’d hate for anyone to accidentally eat something that’s gone bad.  Also, you don’t want to come home to science projects to take care of.  Yuck!

  3. Run the Garbage Disposal

    If you’ve cleaned out the fridge chances are there’s some funky foodstuff in your disposal.  Don’t let it just sit in the bottom of your sink growing funkatation and odor until you return home.  A quick flick of the switch before you set out sends it all down the drain.

  4. Run the Dishwasher

    I like to do this the night before we leave just in case our dishwasher decides to spring a leak.  No one wants to come home to a flooded mess.  The reason I run the dishwasher is pretty much the same as why I run the garbage disposal.  If you’ve ever left a cup of lightly rinsed milk anywhere, especially closed up, you know the smell that it can create.  By running the dishwasher you’ve got instant clean dishes when you return home and no funky smells.

  5. Take Out the Garbage

    This one I learned the hard way.  Again, it’s all about making your home inviting to come home to.  We may have left some chicken, banana peels and other miscellaneous trash in our kitchen garbage can while we were away for a few days.  There wasn’t enough Febreeze to rid our house of the smell that slapped us in the face when we wearily walked in the door.  Ever since I’ve always been sure to take out the trash before we leave.

Do you do any of these or have some of your own weird things you do before heading out on vacation?

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