4 Tips to Make School Mornings Easier

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School starts Monday and I don’t know about you but mornings are not my thing. They’re not my son’s either.  We’ve been Easing into our Back to School Routine by going to bed and getting up earlier but I still think it’s going to be rough in the mornings.  Here are a couple of tips I’ve put together to help make school mornings a little easier and less hectic.

4 Tips to Make School Mornings Easier
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Lay Out Clothes The Night Before

My child is perfectly capable of putting on his clothes by himself.  Picking out clothes the night before makes it even easier for him to get ready without having to ask me what he needs to wear. If you have a picky child picking out clothes at night prevents morning battles when you really don’t have the time or haven’t had enough coffee to deal with it. Lay out clothes the night before

Pack Snacks & Lunches The Night Before

I don’t know how many times B would ask me 5 minutes before we walked out the door if he could bring his lunch.  Um, no sorry, should have asked earlier.  I usually print out the school menu so he can decide if he’d like to buy or bring.  Packing snacks and lunches the night before frees up more of your precious morning time and makes getting out the door that much easier.Breakfast Menu

Create a Breakfast Menu

Let your child “order” breakfast the night before. This is something new that we are trying.  Every day it’s the same thing: Me:  “What do you want for breakfast” B: “What is there?”  Really? Pretty much the same thing as yesterday.  So I thought why not create a Breakfast Menu that lists what we currently have. Your child can place their magnet next to what they would like the night before. In the morning breakfast is ready without having to have the same annoying conversation every morning.  It’s kind of like when you go to a hotel and you can select what you’d like for breakfast and hang it on your door at night.

Since I get up earlier to workout if he chooses cereal I will set out the cereal in a bowl and a cup of milk so he can combine them when he gets up.  Use a wipe-board so you can easily change out the available breakfast items. I hung ours right below our Weekly Menu.

Morning & Bedtime School Routine
Wake-Up Earlier

Not my favorite tip but this one really works.  Waking up earlier gives both you and your child time to wake up and get ready without having to rush.  Our Morning Routine gives B an hour to eat breakfast, get ready and wake-up before we leave for school. I usually get up an hour before he does to workout and start getting myself ready.

What things do you do to make school mornings easier?  I’d love to hear your tips & ideas.

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