Stitch Fix Unboxing Video – Fix #16 – A Fall Fix

Part of the fun of receiving a Fix from Stitch Fix is the surprise of what’s in the box!  I’m sharing the fun in this Stitch Fix Unboxing Video of my 16th Fix.

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #38

Tip #38 Keep a bin in your child's closet to collect outgrown clothes

An easy way to keep your Kid’s Closet cleaned out is having a place to put clothes they’ve outgrown.  I placed a bin in the top of B’s closet.  Anytime I see him wear something that looks a bit small, instead of hanging it back up after I do his Laundry I simply put it in the bin.  Once the bin is full I take it upstairs to the closet where I store the clothes we pass down to his cousin.  My husband and I have a bin in Our Closet as well that gets taken to a local donation center when it’s full.

Fall Home Decor

Happy 1st Day of Fall!  I love the change of seasons and I’m so excited to break out my pumpkin scented everything! Today I’m sharing our Fall home decor.

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #37

Tip #37- Use a Sharpie to Write Your Own Expiration Date on Products

Keep track of how long you’ve had lotions, make-up and other beauty products by using a sharpie to write your own expiration date on products.  In my post on Bathroom Organization I included a handy little chart of how long you should keep your make-up and other toiletry items.

For items like coffee creamer and other refrigerated items that tell you they are good for 2 weeks once opened I usually take a sharpie and write the date I need to throw it out.  I can never seem to remember when I opened it so this has helped me avoid consuming iffy items.

Tip Tuesday | Tip #36

Tip #36- Use Slow Cooker Liners for easy clean up

With fall approaching and football season here it’s time to break out the crock-pot!  There is nothing easier and better than a slowly simmered meal from the crock-pot or queso on game day.  Make cleaning up easy too by using slow cooker liners.  Before I stumbled across these my husband and I would fight over who had to clean the leftover cheese out of the crock pot, a most unpleasant task.  Now I always line my crock pot on game day before making queso and there’s no mess to clean up.  Check out  some of our favorite Game Day Treats & my favorite Crock Pot Recipes on Pinterest.

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