Tip Tuesday | Tip #34

Tip #33 -Make a Homework CaddyMake homework time less stressful by having everything you need at your fingertips.  When it’s time to do homework just bring the caddy to the table.  Our homework caddy is filled with:  pencils, scissors, glue and a ruler.  I also keep crayons, markers, a writing pad and drawing pad nearby.  You probably bought school supplies for the classroom but don’t forget to pick up some extra ones for homework assignments.

Homework Caddy

4 Tips to Make School Mornings Easier

School starts Monday and I don’t know about you but mornings are not my thing. They’re not my son’s either.  We’ve been Easing into our Back to School Routine by going to bed and getting up earlier but I still think it’s going to be rough in the mornings.  Here are a couple of tips I’ve put together to help make school mornings a little easier and less hectic.

4 Tips to Make School Mornings Easier
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Tip Tuesday | Tip #33

Tip #33 - Don't Wear Flip-flops in the rainTrust me, just don’t.  It’s been a rainy week here in Texas and since I practically live in flip-flops in the Summer I have to remind myself before I go out to put on real shoes.  A few things happen when you wear flip-flops in the rain: Continue reading “Tip Tuesday | Tip #33”

5 Tips For the Best Smoothies

Smoothies are a quick & easy way to get a healthy meal in.  If you check out my Weekly Menu you will see that we have a smoothie made with Shakeology for breakfast every day during the week.  It’s taken some time to get our smoothies just right.  That’s why I’m sharing some tips to help you learn how to make the best smoothies and fix some of the problems you may be running into.

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #32

Tip #32- Eat

Don’t try to lose weight by not eating. It’s recommended that you eat 5-6 small meals a day to fuel your metabolism. People often remark that I’m always eating.  Yep, pretty much, every 3 hours! Continue reading “Tip Tuesday | Tip #32”