How & Why I Meal Prep

How & Why I Meal Prep

I really enjoy eating a variety of food so I’ve never been one of those people who cook up a bunch of the same food and eat it for every meal during the week.  Blech.  Also, if I think about food too much I don’t want to eat it.  Strange, I know. This is how & why I meal prep. Continue reading “How & Why I Meal Prep”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #26

Tip 26- Pack trash bags to use as laundry bags on tripsWhenever we travel I always throw in a garbage bag to collect dirty clothes.  I usually pack one for my husband & I and one for B, since that is how I sort our laundry.  I place the trash bag into the closet to act as a make shift laundry bag.  The reason I don’t just use a laundry bag is b/c I don’t want the dirty clothes touching the clean clothes on the trip home. When we go on a longer trip and have more than one suitcase I’ll designate one for clean clothes we didn’t wear (yeah, we’re bad about overpacking, gotta be prepared) and one for dirty clothes.  For more packing tips check out my post on Packing for Disney.

Texas Hill Country – San Antonio Vacation

Texas Hill Country Vacation - San AntonioWe recently took a family road trip to the Texas Hill Country.  Our main destination was the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio to meet up with another family.  There were some other nearby attractions I visited as a child and wanted to take B to as well, so with a little planning I added a few stops to our Texas Hill Country getaway.

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #25

Tip 25- Keep a running grocery listI have to write everything down or I’ll forget something.  For me keeping a running grocery list helps me remember those necessities you’d think I’d remember but never seem to.  I keep a small notepad in a drawer in our kitchen to write things down as we run out of them. Before I go to the store  Continue reading “Tip Tuesday | Tip #25”

Bachelorette Party Ideas

To celebrate my sister’s upcoming wedding I hosted a fun girl’s night out bachelorette party.  We meet up at my house for snacks, drinks, games and a lingerie shower. Then we headed out for dinner & a show and an evening out on the town. Here are all the details to help you plan a bachelorette party of your own or just a fun girls night out.

Bachelorette Party Evite

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