Summer Activity Planning

Summer Activity PlanningWith Summer fast approaching I’ve been working on my Summer activity planning to keep my son from spending his days in front of the tv.  As a work from home mom it’s important to have something for him to do so I can get my work done.  I’m sharing how to make a Summer activity plan for kids.

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #19

Tip 19- Create a Weekly Meal Plan to stay on budget and eat healthyIf you’ve been trying to stick to a budget or eat healthier planning ahead is key.  By creating a weekly meal plan complete with snacks you avoid mindless eating that could lead to you eating more.  You also avoid last minute trips to restaurants that can be more expensive than eating at home and higher in calories.  Now, I enjoy eating out so if you check out my Weekly Menu page you’ll notice that I have meals that are designated as eating out.

The Gift of Stitch Fix- My Sister’s 1st Fix!

Since I’ve enjoyed receiving Fixes from Stitch Fix so much I decided to share the fun with my sister and gave her a Stitch Fix Gift Card for her birthday this year.

The Gift of Stitch Fix - My Sister's 1st Fix

My sister is about 6 years younger than me and our styles are very different. She wasn’t too sure about the personal styling service, especially because our taste in clothes is so different.  My style profile is quite traditional vs. her boho style.

Stitch Fix style profiles

But since the Stitch Fix gift card I gave her covered the $20 styling fee there was no risk and she decided to give it a try (the styling fee ends up going toward any items you decide to keep).  The first step was filling out her style profile.  I wish I had recorded her reading the questions because she was cracking me up.  I did snap a pic though. Continue reading “The Gift of Stitch Fix- My Sister’s 1st Fix!”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #18

Tip 18- Keep a Journal

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. For the sentimental mom a nice journal she can use to jot down her kid’s funny moments is a great gift idea! I started writing down some of B’s funny memories when he was about two. It’s fun to look back and remember some of the things he did like wearing his underwear backwards so he could see the superheroes 🙂  I also have the 1st flower he ever picked for me pressed into the journal. Read more about Journaling Your Kid’s Funny Moments here.