Tip Tuesday | Tip #22

Tip 22- Have a Plan

Whatever you do in life it is my opinion that you should have a plan. No, not everything has to be planned out and things don’t always go as planned but to me a plan is just a roadmap to help you accomplish your goals.

Swimsuit season is here but I’m not too worried because I’ve been following the fitness plan I mapped out at the beginning of the year.  To make sure I’m ready for my sister’s wedding and our upcoming vacation I’ll follow my Weekly Meal plan that is designed to make sure we’re swimsuit ready.  Oh and the family vacation has been planned out as well.

With a plan there just seems to be less worry.

End of Year Teacher Gifts

End of YearTeacher Gifts

Summer snuck up on me this year.  I was a little freaked out at first but now that I’ve got a plan, I’m ready and excited for summer!  Here are a few end of year teacher gifts and a bonus idea for students. Continue reading “End of Year Teacher Gifts”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #21

Tip 21- Make Saving Automatic

Want to go on a dream vacation but never seem to have the funds?  Start saving now so you’ll be set for next summer.  It’s Easy!

  1. Figure out how much your vacation will cost.
  2. Decide if you want to put money away monthly or per paycheck.
  3. Divide the cost by however many months or pay periods there are until your trip.
  4. Have that amount automatically transferred into a vacation savings account.  You can do this either through your bank or if you receive your paycheck via direct deposit select that the amount goes directly to your vacation account.

Learn more about making saving automatic through my post on Getting Financially Fit.

Planning a Family Beach Vacation

Planning a Family Beach Vacation
Photo by Tourism Australia via Canva

For the past few years we’ve taken an extended family beach vacation with my parents and sister every other summer. We rent a beach house and get the opportunity to just hang out and relax together.  But before the fun begins a bit of planning must take place. Here are my tips for planning a successful family beach vacation. Continue reading “Planning a Family Beach Vacation”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #20

Tip 20- For a lasting manicure opt for shellac
I did my own little experiment a while back between regular nail polish and shellac.  Hands down (pun intended) shellac lasted much longer.  Read more about my experiment in my post Regular Nail Polish vs. Shellac.