Tip Tuesday | Tip #15

Tip 15- Always Ask

I learned a long time ago it never hurts to ask, although sometimes I need to be reminded of this.  Want a discount, an upgrade, a raise?  Ask!  You can’t get what you want if you don’t ask.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Someone tells you no?  It’s much better than wondering.

I’ve gotten discounts at department stores and places like Best Buy just by asking.  We recently had to have some work done on our dryer vent and got our home builder to cover the costs because we asked (we’ve lived in our home for over 7 years so it probably wasn’t going to be covered under the warranty).

Next time you find yourself saying, “I wonder if…”  just ask the question.  You might be surprised at what you’ll gain.

Springtime & Stitch Fix Review #13

Stitch Fix Review 13

For my 13th Fix my Stitch Fix stylist Kate focused on Spring inspired styles.  Since my sister is getting married in June I asked Kate to send some pieces I could wear to bridal showers and the rehearsal dinner.  I also requested a brightly colored blazer.  As always Kate did a great job selecting items for my Fix! See all the details in my latest Stitch Fix review. Continue reading “Springtime & Stitch Fix Review #13”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #14

Tip 14- Keep a stash of healthy snacks on handHaving a stash of healthy snacks makes it easier to eat healthy and helps you avoid munching on the unhealthy stuff.  We have snack baskets in our pantry (Read more about pantry organization here) filled with things like almonds, protein bars, popcorn.  In the fridge we keep individual yogurt cups, string cheese, washed grapes and pre-sliced apples.  Anything to make it easy to grab something and go.  You’ll notice I even have snacks listed on my Weekly Menu.  I want to make sure I have what I need for the week because snacks are part of our daily fuel and almost just as important to me as meals.  I even bring my own snacks on trips.