Top 5 Healthy On the Go Meals

Healthy On the Go Meals

Baseball season is in full swing here in Texas which means lots of nights spent at the ball fields practicing or playing games.  Many of these practices and games fall right around our dinner time.  If you know me at all you know I am serious about my mealtimes and snacks.  So to keep from getting hangry we’ve started to either eat early before heading to the ball field or packing our dinner.   I was inspired to start packing healthy on the go meals by my friend. She packs the best looking picnic dinners for her family to eat between soccer practice and Awanas.

Today I’m sharing my favorite healthy on the go meals to survive whatever crazy practice schedule your family my have.  For more on healthy meal planning check out my post on Meal Planning in 3 Easy Steps. Continue reading “Top 5 Healthy On the Go Meals”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #17

Tip 17- Create a Will & Legacy Box

The death of a loved one can be a stressful time. Don’t add to that stress by leaving your loved ones behind without a clue as to how you’d like everything to be taken care of. A will is not just about money or stuff. It also outlines how and where you would like to be buried, funeral arrangements, etc. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday | Tip #17”

Mini Miami Vacation

mini miami vacation

My husband and I recently took our 1st trip to Miami.  When I told him I had to go for work he said he’d been wanting to go so we decided to make a mini Miami vacation out of it.  Since we had some money in our vacation account (we have money automatically put in there each week- read more about How to Make Saving Automatic here) it made the last minute decision even easier. We are also very lucky to have my Dad who is always willing to take care of B while we are away.

Today I’m sharing some of the highlights of our Mini Miami Vacation!

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #16

Tip 16- Make a list

Whenever I’ve got too much to do I find it eases my stress to write it all down and make a list.  It also helps me make sure I don’t forget anything. If there is a long list of things to do I like to prioritize the list so I can be sure the most important things get done.

For work I use Salesforce and take advantage of the task feature.  I create a task for everyday and list out everything in order that needs to get done including calls I need to make.  Since I call on prospects multiple times I can just cut and paste the prospect onto the next day I plan to call them or whatever day they’ve requested I get back with them.

Lists help me stay organized and on top of things.

Sporty Boy’s Room

Sporty Boy's Room

You’ve seen bits and pieces of B’s room but today I’m giving you a full tour and I’ve saved the best part for last.  Here are all the ideas I used to create a sporty boy’s room.

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