Cize Review

Cize Review

I love to dance so when I heard about Shaun T’s latest dance focused fitness program, CIZE, I knew I had to try it.  For all of my dance friends who haven’t danced in a while it’s a great way to get back into dance.  Since you’re in the privacy of your own home you don’t have to worry about what you look like.  You can literally dance like no is watching.  It feels really good to get into the music and just dance again.

Oh, yeah and you’re exercising at the same time!  CIZE is totally different from traditional exercise programs so I feel like it really helps me exercise different parts of my body and my brain.

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #11

Tip 11- Clean Make-up Brushes with Hot Water & Vinegar to Kill Bacteria

I try to do this once a quarter or whenever I notice my brushes getting gunked up.  I let my brushes soak in the hot water and vinegar then rinse with hot water, soak again and rinse with hot water followed by a cold water rinse.  I use a wash cloth to blot dry and leave them out to air dry. Check-out my post on Bathroom Organization & Clean-out Tips for more ideas on Spring Cleaning your bathroom.

5 Things to Know Before You Uber


5 Things to know before you Uber

By now you’ve either heard of Uber and Ubered yourself or are still wondering how it all works.  I’d taken an Uber to the airport once but was with someone who was quite familiar with how it all worked.  My husband and I recently Ubered (have they added that to the dictionary yet?) to the Houston Rodeo Cook-off and I wanted to share some things I learned the hard way from our recent Uber experience to hopefully save you from an uber expensive trip.

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #10

Tip 10- Keep a bin in your closet to collect unwanted items for donation

I keep a bin in our master closet so we have a place to put items we no longer wish to keep but are still in good condition and can be donated.  When the bin gets full I drop the items off at a nearby collection site.  I believe having a place to put those unwanted items makes us more likely to get them out of the closet and free up space for new items.  You can read more about how I clean out and organize our closet.

Soldier Nerf Gun Birthday Party

Soldier Nerf Gun Birthday Party

We recently celebrated B’s 7th birthday with a soldier themed Nerf Gun party.  He is Nerf Gun & Soldier obsessed so combining the two for a party just made sense. It was a lot of fun.  Here are the details for putting together your own Soldier Nerf Gun birthday party.

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