Top 5 Items for Storage Organization

Top 5 Items for Storage OrganizationI love to organize things and really enjoy the items that help me stay organized.  Today I’m going to share with you my top 5 items for storage organization.  Bonus:  You can pick them all up at Target or order online with your REDcard to have them shipped to your home free! Continue reading “Top 5 Items for Storage Organization”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #8

Tip 8- Don't buy anything online without looking for a promo code

That little box is there for a reason.  A quick google search “(name of site) promo code” can sometimes save you 10-60% off your purchase or at least get you free shipping.  I also like to use the site to check for promo codes.

What is Shakeology & Why I Love It !

What is Shakeology

If you’ve been checking out my Weekly Menus you’ve seen that we start most of our days off with a smoothie made from Shakeology. What is Shakeology you ask?  I’m going to break it down for you today.

Continue reading “What is Shakeology & Why I Love It !”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #7

Tip 7- Start Saving for Christmas Now

Did she just say Christmas?  Yes I did!  It’s no surprise Christmas comes at the same time every year.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have money saved up to spend on gifts or activities with no worries.  Read more about how to Make Saving Automatic so you don’t have to worry about money when Christmas comes around or any other major expense like a vacation.

Valentine’s Dinner at Home

valentine's dinner

Valentine’s Dinner has become somewhat of a tradition at our house.  Years ago before my son was born my hubby and I tried to celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to dinner. We haven’t gone out on V-Day since.  It’s the 2nd busiest day of the year for restaurants after Mother’s Day.   Instead, I started making a special dinner for us instead. It’s a quick & easy menu that is just as good as any visit to a restaurant, without the waiting. Continue reading “Valentine’s Dinner at Home”