Celebrating Christmas Around the World

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

A few years ago after getting tired of eating the same old holiday dinner my sister suggested we celebrate like another country.  So we did!  Every year we choose a different country and celebrate Christmas with that country’s traditions. Celebrating Christmas around the world is a fun way to learn about other countries and cultures.  Continue reading “Celebrating Christmas Around the World”

Light Up Christmas Sign Tutorial

Christmas Light Up Sign Tutorial

I decided to change up our mantel this Christmas after finding this marquee sign on Pinterest.  I was determined to create my own. Then I realized it’s a little more than I wanted to take on.  I’m more of a DSYer (Do SOME Yourself) than a DIYer.  Yes, I’m coining a new phrase.  I think it describes my abilities perfectly.  So I set out to find something I could put together to get the light-up effect I wanted without starting from scratch. Here are my steps for creating your own Light Up Christmas Sign.

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Stitch Fix Review #11- The Value of Stitch Fix


Stitch Fix Review #11

If you read my 10th Stitch Fix Review you’re probably thinking, “what is going on, I thought you broke up with Stitch Fix?”.  Well, not so fast. Sometimes you don’t realize what you’ve got till it’s gone.

I tried shopping on my own and it just wasn’t that great.  In fact I may have described it as miserable.  Trekking out in the rain, driving 45 minutes away to try out my Nordstrom Rack shopping skills. Going through rack after rack of clothes that weren’t my size or style.  Trying on a few items without the proper undergarments (strapless bra, tank tops, etc.) in a cold dressing room.  Only to leave with a necklace and T-shirt.  The best part of the shopping trip was probably spending time with my sister and realizing what the value of Stitch Fix truly is for me. Continue reading “Stitch Fix Review #11- The Value of Stitch Fix”

How to Make Holiday Gift Giving Easier

How To Make Holiday Gift Giving Easier

Tis the season to give.  But, sometimes the stresses of giving can sour the season.  Here are a few tips & ideas to make holiday gift giving easier. Continue reading “How to Make Holiday Gift Giving Easier”