Stitch Fix Review #10 – My Discovery

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Stitch Fix Review #10

I just received my 10th, and probably final *, Stitch Fix shipment.  It started out great. I loved the colors Kate had selected for me. I liked all but one piece I received but was going to keep it all.  The 25% discount for keeping everything made it cheaper to keep the dress I wasn’t too sure about.  Then I went to Charming Charlie and my love affair with Stitch Fix quickly ended.  See why this was almost my last Stitch Fix review.

The Discovery

As I browsed for some pops of color I saw the necklace I had just received in my Fix.  No big deal until I looked at the price tag… $13 at Charming Charlie vs. $28 with Stitch Fix.  Filled with disappointment I went home and headed to Google.  Sure enough I found that other people have also had the same experience finding items from their Stitch Fix at a store for way less.  One girl even received a pair of shorts with the Nordstrom Rack tag still attached.

Now, I didn’t sign up for Stitch Fix for discounted clothing but it did make me feel silly.  I’m not knocking Stitch Fix.  After much thought I rationalized that for me Stitch Fix was worth it because I rarely go out and shop for myself.  I can count on one hand how many times a year I go to the mall.  So having someone pick out stylish clothes that fit me and send them to my door is worth the extra money to me.  However, my sister just moved back to town and is an avid Nordstrom Rack shopper.  I plan on taking a break from Stitch Fix to see if my new personal stylist , aka my sister, ends up getting me to shop for myself and helps me pick out stylish clothes.

Needless to say I didn’t end up keeping everything. After my necklace discovery I just felt sort of taken.  Retail can be tricky and I’ve learned that in the end it really just matters how much value you personally place on something.   Stores like to use sales to make you spend more because you feel like you’re getting a deal but you should really just look at what you’re buying and ask yourself, “do I think this top is worth $40?”.  I’ve learned there are some stores you should never shop at unless there is a sale since they mark everything up just to put it on sale.

Stitch Fix Review #10

Collective Concepts Dress

Collective Concepts

Idina Colorblock Dress $68

Just Black Skinny Jean

Just Black

Dean Skinny Jean $78

Daniel Rainn Henley Blouse

Daniel Rainn

Alber V-Neck Henley Blouse $68

Loveappella Knit Top & Bay to Baubles Necklace


Mayfair Lace Detail Knit Top $48

I kept this top and have already worn it several times.  I love it!

Bay to Baubles

Kai Double V Pave Necklace $28


A few weeks ago I trekked to Nordstrom Rack, 45 minutes away, in the rain with my sister.  I had some luck in the accessories section but when it came to going through the racks and racks of clothes it was just exhausting.  I pictured my Stitch Fix stylist searching for something that would be perfect for me, instead of me searching through racks of clothes, most of which weren’t my size.  Once it came time to try them on I headed to the cold, badly lit dressing room. Which made me realize one of the nice things about trying things on at home is having the proper undergarments to go with whatever you’re trying on (strapless bra, tank, pants, etc.).  After about an hour or two of searching and trying things on I left with a necklace and T-shirt.  Needless to say I fully realized the value of Stitch Fix and scheduled my 11th Fix.

For me the majority of the value is all about saving time.  I also like that the service encourages me to buy for myself and try new styles I wouldn’t pick out otherwise. And I have complete control over how often I receive shipments.  If you’re like me and don’t really like to shop for yourself I highly suggest giving Stitch Fix a try.  You’re only out $20 if you decide not to keep anything.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! After my second fix I actually told the stylist to never send me jewelry because I won’t buy it. I buy my costume jewelry at Charming Charlie’s. But I do love the clothes I am getting from Stitch Fix. The pants are usually awesome! It makes it worth it to buy the whole thing when there is no jewelry in it.

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