Write It Down- Journaling Your Kid’s Funny Moments

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Write It Down

Here is a great Mother’s Day gift idea for all the sentimental mothers.   You’ve heard people say it plenty of times when you relate a funny or sweet story about your child, “You should write that down”. Well, I agree. When Blake was a little over a year old I purchased a journal to write down all the cute, funny, sweet things he does. It is fun for all of us to look back at the different things I’ve recorded. I keep it in my nightstand with a pen so I can jot down things as they happen.

Here are a few of my favorite entries so far:

Journal Entry

Today Blake did the sweetest thing after school.  When I picked him up he quietly went over to his backpack, unzipped it and pulled out a flower he had picked for me and gave it to  me with the biggest smile. Sweetest Boy Ever! Love that little boy.”

Blake has started putting on his underwear backwards.  His reasoning, he can’t see the characters if he puts them on the right way because they’re on the back”

Honeymoon Luau

I showed Blake pictures of the luau we went to on our honeymoon since they were having a luau today at school.  He asked me, “Why does daddy look so new?  His hair is all black.”  I guess after 11 years of marriage we’re not so new anymore.” 

So Blake asks me, “Mom did you know I had to change my underwear? I say, ” No, Why?” Blake, “Well, I had to toot but a little poop came out.  It was a poop toot!”


What are some of your favorite kid quotes?

*This post contains affiliate links

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