Tip Tuesday | Tip #32

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Tip #32- Eat

Don’t try to lose weight by not eating. It’s recommended that you eat 5-6 small meals a day to fuel your metabolism. People often remark that I’m always eating.  Yep, pretty much, every 3 hours!

You’ll notice that most fitness programs come with some sort of meal plan or eating guide.  Sometimes when I’m trying to follow a meal plan, like the 21 Day Fix, it seems like there is too much food. But, I find that if I skip out on some of the veggies or snacks I’m supposed to eat I’ll reach for something unhealthy when I get hungry. If I had just followed the plan and ate everything I was supposed to I wouldn’t be hungry and eating junk.

One of the ways I avoid reaching for junk is by Meal Prepping.  Check out my post about How & Why I Meal Prep.  You can even watch a video of me doing it!  If you’re starting a fitness program or doing exercise of any kind you need to fuel your body.  You wouldn’t expect your car to drive you across the country without first fueling up.

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