Stitch Fix Maternity- My Sister’s Maternity Fix

My gorgeous sister who you may remember from my post about her 1st Fix, Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party is expecting!  I am so excited for her.  Like most moms & mom’s-to-be she’s busy buying baby things and not one to spend much on herself, especially for clothes she’ll only wear for a little while.  So, I got her a Stitch Fix Gift Card she could use for a maternity fix.

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November Stitch Fix Review- Stripes & Prints

November Stitch Fix Review

This month’s Stitch Fix Review is filled with a variety of great pieces.  Everything from stripes and skinny jeans to a wild animal print with a cardigan.

In my note to my stylist I requested a blanket scarf and a coat similar to the ones I pinned to my Pinterest Board.  I love that my stylist is able to look and see the types of outfits I am into.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have those items available in my size at the time. But, my stylist Rachel did send me an outfit similar to one I pinned.

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Why A Stitch Fix Gift Card Is The Perfect Gift Idea

Stitch Fix Gift Cards - The Perfect Gift Idea
Some people are so hard to buy gifts for. The trend now is to give experiences instead of just stuff.  What if I told you there was a gift you can give that is both a fun, personalized experience and also tangible gift they can keep or return without hurting your feelings?  Read on to see what makes a Stitch Fix Gift Card the perfect gift idea.

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Stitch Fix Men Review- My Husband’s First Fix!

When my favorite styling service, Stitch Fix, announced they are now offering Stitch Fix Men I knew I had to schedule a fix for my husband! And yes, I got him to model his fix!  I’ve got a full Stitch Fix Men Review of my Husband’s first fix.

Stitch Fix Men Review

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October Stitch Fix Review – A Fall Fix

After seeing all the cute fall items my favorite bloggers received I decided I needed a Fall fix of my own.October Stitch Fix Review
You may have caught my Unboxing Video and got a peek at the items that Rachel picked out for me. My only request was a plaid top I saw in another blogger’s fix and a puffy vest. And while they didn’t have the plaid top I wanted, I thought Rachel did a great job finding something just as cute! Continue reading “October Stitch Fix Review – A Fall Fix”