Top 5 Healthy On the Go Meals

Healthy On the Go Meals

Baseball season is in full swing here in Texas which means lots of nights spent at the ball fields practicing or playing games.  Many of these practices and games fall right around our dinner time.  If you know me at all you know I am serious about my mealtimes and snacks (you’ve got to keep fueling your metabolism).  So to keep from getting hangry we’ve started to either eat early before heading to the ball field or packing our dinner.  Sometimes we’ll stop by Subway or head out of our way for Chick-fil-a but since there is not one on the way home it seems to take so much time and we’ve still got to fit in a bath before it’s time for bed (more about our Bedtime Routine here).  I was inspired to start packing dinners to go by my friend who packs the best looking picnic dinners for her family to eat between soccer practice and Awanas.

Today I’m sharing my favorite healthy portable meals to survive whatever crazy practice schedule your family my have.  For more on healthy meal planning check out my post on Meal Planning in 3 Easy Steps. Continue reading “Top 5 Healthy On the Go Meals”