Quick & Easy Healthy Meals from HEB Meal Simple

HEB Meal Simple

*I was compensated by HEB to promote their Meal Simple meals. I only write about products and services I love and therefore all opinions are my own honest opinion.

I am so excited to give HEB’s Meal Simple a try. If you follow my Weekly Menu you know we’ve got quite the busy schedule with B’s baseball and soccer practices and games. You may have even read my post about our favorite On The Go Meals. Yes, I sometimes cook and pack up our dinner to eat on the way home from a practice or game. My mom says I’m so much like my grandmother in that way ūüôā I do remember going on trips with my grandparents and Nanny¬†would pack us sandwiches to eat on the way. I even remember one time when my grandparents came to watch me perform in college as a Rangerette and brought sandwiches for the ride home:) Also, much like my grandparents we eat dinner at 6:00. So by the time a 6:00 baseball game ends I’m about ready to eat my arm off. That’s why I’ve started packing dinners for us to eat on the way home so we don’t reach for junk food. The Meal Simple meals from HEB are going to make eating healthy on the go that much easier. Continue reading “Quick & Easy Healthy Meals from HEB Meal Simple”

What is Shakeology & Why I Love It !

What is Shakeology

If you’ve been checking out my Weekly Menus¬†you’ve seen that we start most of our days off with a smoothie made from Shakeology.¬†What is¬†Shakeology¬†you ask? ¬†I’m going to break it down for you today.

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What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is an all natural shake meant to be used as a meal replacement. According to its creators at Beachbody¬†it is “The healthiest meal of the day.” ¬†They also like to refer to it as “Your daily dose of dense nutrition.” ¬†If you read the ingredient list you’ll understand why. ¬† Continue reading “What is Shakeology & Why I Love It !”

Mapping Out a Fit Year

Mapping Out A Fit Year

I’ve mentioned before that working out isn’t my favorite thing, but I know it’s important to maintain my health. ¬†I used to go to the gym to workout but after B was born I started doing Beachbody programs (check out my reviews for 21 Day Fix, T25, Brazil Butt Lift, 10-Minute Trainer, Cize, and BodyBeast). ¬†They work great for me because I like to have a plan to follow instead of wandering around the gym trying to decide which machine I want to do or which muscle group I should workout. I also like being able to wake up, push play and get my workout done first thing in the morning without even thinking.

I’ve mapped out a workout plan for the year with all my favorite Beachbody programs to help me stay on the right track. Continue reading “Mapping Out a Fit Year”

Favorite Healthy Recipes

Here is a round up of my family’s favorite healthy recipes, and yes my 6 year old even eats them! Click on each title for the recipe. ¬†Many of the recipes come from the Beachbody programs we’ve done. ¬†You can find complete meal plan¬†books on my reviews for T25, 21 Day Fix, or my post on¬†Meal Planning. Continue reading “Favorite Healthy Recipes”