Super Bowl Party Ideas

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Super Bowl Party Ideas

The best part of Super Bowl Sunday, the food!  I always look forward to all the yummy chips & dips that are part of any football gathering.   The big game is also a fun time for friendly wagers and football themed fun for the kids.  Here are some ideas to serve up some fun at your next Super Bowl gathering.

Super Bowl Spread


I like to use generic football decorations so I can reuse them year after year and for other football gatherings we may have.  Now if the Texans ever make it to the Super Bowl it will be a different story 🙂  I’ve got a vinyl football field tablecloth that is easy to clean and reusable.  I also have football chip bowls that get used regularly.

The Spread

No football party is complete without chips & queso.  (Be sure to use a crock-pot liner for easy clean-up.) Last year we catered fajitas for our party so we also served guacamole and 7-layer dip.

7 layer dipI put the 7-layer dip in individual clear cups so people could feel free to double dip in their own cup.

Football browniesFor dessert we served chocolate cookies and football brownies.  To make the brownies I baked them in a pan then used an egg shaped cookie cutter to make a football shape.  I used white icing to add laces to the top.

Team punch

To drink, I made a wine punch representing each team.  The Patriot’s punch was made with pink moscato, cranberry juice, simple syrup and garnished with raspberries & blueberries.  The Seahawk’s punch was made with moscato, white grape juice, simple syrup and garnished with grapes & blueberries.  Both were delicious!

Super Bowl Cooler     Super Bowl Cooler

The kids were able to support their team too by either picking a green or red juice!

Football Squares

Football Squares

No Super Bowl party is complete without a friendly wager.  We usually do football squares.  Be sure to tell your guests ahead of time to bring cash and how much each square will go for.  There are many variations you can do.  Find more information at .

Here’s how we play:

  • Print out a blank 10×10 grid (click to download)
  • Assign one team to the columns and one to the rows
  • Collect money from guests for squares (we usually do $1-$2 per square) and have them put their name or initials in the number of squares they purchased
  • Once all the squares have been filled in, it is time to assign the numbers
  • We usually write out the numbers 0-9 on pieces of paper.  We draw numbers and write them across the columns and then do it again for the rows.
  • We do winners for 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter and Final.  The winner is determined by looking at the last number of the score for each team and seeing which square intersects those two numbers.
  • Prizes: 1st-3rd Quarter winners receive 20% of the pot and the Final winner receives the remaining 40%.  (At $1 per square you’ll collect $100, 1st quarter-$20 / 2nd quarter-$20 / 3rd quarter-$20 / Final-$40)

For the Kids

To keep the kids occupied I hide mini footballs around the house like an Easter egg hunt.  After they’ve found them all the older kids usually hide them again for the younger ones.

What is your favorite part of Super Bowl?

*This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you purchase something through my link at no charge to you.

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