Stitch Fix Review #11- I couldn’t stay away!

Stitch Fix Review

If you read my 10th Stitch Fix Review you’re probably thinking, “what is going on, I thought you broke up with Stitch Fix?”.  Well, not so fast. Sometimes you don’t realize what you’ve got till it’s gone.  I tried shopping on my own and it just wasn’t that great.  In fact I may have described it as miserable.  Trekking out in the rain, driving 45 minutes away to try out my Nordstrom Rack shopping skills. Going through rack after rack of clothes that weren’t my size or style.  Trying on a few items without the proper undergarments (strapless bra, tank tops, etc.) in a cold dressing room.  Only to leave with a necklace and T-shirt.  The best part of the shopping trip was probably spending time with my sister and realizing what the value of Stitch Fix truly is for me.

It’s the time savings.  How many things could I have done with the hours I spent shopping only to return with a T-shirt?  I may have even given up a weekend nap, which I quite enjoy.  So I’m back in love with Stitch Fix.  I love that cute, stylish clothes that fit me show up at my door.  I love that I can try them on in the comfort of my own home with the proper undergarments and accessories.  I love that I can control how often I receive fixes and can specify how much I want to spend and what I happen to be looking to add to my wardrobe.  I love that my stylist, Kate, sends me ideas on how to wear the items she chooses for me and checks out my Pinterest board to see what I like.

>>>If you want to learn more about how Stitch Fix works please read my post about Getting the Most out of Stitch Fix. It will take you through how to set up your style profile and get your first fix with 5 items selected just for you shipped to your home.  Keep what you like and apply the $20 styling fee to your purchase.  Send what you don’t want back in the pre-paid mailing envelope which you can arrange to have picked up at your house through the post office.  Did I mention they have petite sizes!<<<

My 11th Fix

One of the things I noticed in this fix is that I received several things that were designed exclusively for Stitch Fix.  They also happened to be my favorite items.  So Kudos to Kate!

Elby Blouse & Jonathan Cords

Alice Blue Elby Split Neck Blouse $48

Kut From the Kloth Jonathan Skinny Corduroy $68

I love this outfit!  The cords were so comfy I didn’t want to take them off and they are something I would have never picked out on my own (cords typically give me 80’s childhood flashbacks).  I’ve already worn this outfit several times, including for our Christmas card photos.  I also noticed these two pieces were designed exclusively for Stitch Fix, so you won’t find them anywhere else and they are also petite.

alice blue exclusive      Kut From The Kloth exclusively for Stitch Fix

Willa Bar Drop earrings

Romolo Willa Bar Drop Earrings $28

The earrings were cute but not worth the cost in my opinion.

Macyn dress

41Hawthorn Macyn Dress $78

I did not like the cut of this dress and the color reminded me of an elephant.

Willow draped cardigan

Pixley Willow Draped Cardigan $78

I’m not a fan of sweaters and this probably would have looked cute on someone taller.

Looking forward to my next fix! Give it a try yourself by clicking my link and scheduling your 1st fix.   It really is a lot of fun!

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