Pantry Meals- Meal Ideas When “There’s Nothing to Eat”

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One of the things I really enjoy about cooking is that you can literally take a few ingredients and make something out of nothing.  Whisk together an egg, oil, flour & milk and you’ve got pancakes or even a cake.  It’s almost like magic.  I always feel like a super hero when I’m able to whip up a meal after my husband looks in the pantry and declares “There’s Nothing to Eat”.Pantry Meals

It’s the end of the week which means our pantry and fridge are pretty bare.  In hopes of inspiring you to save money and find something to eat at home I’m taking you inside my almost empty pantry & fridge and showing you some meal ideas you can make when “there’s nothing to eat.”

List of Meal Ideas

If you’ve got these ingredients on hand you can easily prepare a quick meal.

  • Bread + Cheese = Grilled Cheese
  • Bread + Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato = BLT
  • Bread + Ham/Turkey + Cheese = Sandwich or Hot Ham & Cheese
  • Pasta + Lettuce + Olive Oil + Parmesan Cheese = Pasta Salad
  • Pasta + Broth + Veggies = Noodle Soup
  • Rice + Cheese + Veggie = Rice Casserole
  • Chips + Cheese + Salsa + Sour Cream + Lettuce = Nachos
  • Tortilla + Cheese = Quesadilla
  • Tortilla + Cheese + Bacon/Ham/Turkey + Eggs = Breakfast Taco
  • Eggs + Ham/Turkey + Cheese = Ham & Cheese Omelet
  • Oatmeal + Brown Sugar + Nuts + Apples + Cinnamon = Apple Oatmeal

Pasta Salad

What are your go-to pantry meals?

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