Easter Party Ideas

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Easter Party IdeasSpring is here! It’s time to celebrate new beginnings and Easter.  Here are some ideas for your next Easter party.

Sticking with the fun party formula: Craft + Games + Food= Fun! + An Easter Egg Hunt= Even more Fun!!!

You’ll want plenty of time for the egg hunt so a quick craft and a couple of games are all you need.  For my son’s preschool party we went with a bunny theme.  We did the craft first, then some bunny themed games, food (which was served during lunch), then the egg hunt.  If you’ve got more than one game break the kids into groups and rotate. While the kids are up playing games, have a parent set the table and start passing out snacks.  Then it’s back to the table for food. While the kids are eating the teachers and a few parents snuck outside to hide the eggs.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask parents to help!  They’re there for the party, get them involved.  Most are willing but just don’t know what to do.  A quick, do you mind passing out the napkins or monitor this game station, is usually all it takes to get some help and save your sanity.

Here are a few ideas for your next Easter School Party.


Found on Preschool Crafts for Kids*

We did these for my son’s Preschool party and even the boys enjoyed making and wearing them.

Found on Happy Home Fairy

We pre-cut the crosses with the contact paper and tissue squares. All the kids had to do was put the tissue squares on the cross then we covered the other side with contact paper.


We did a couple of different bunny themed games: Hopscotch, Bunny Long-Jump, Egg and Spoon Races.

Homemade Hopscotch

 I made this hopscotch game using felt squares and stick-on numbers.  We used a plastic egg as the marker.


 Found on It’s a Fabulous Life

These are so fun & delicious to make.  I’ve made them at home for Easter breakfast the past couple of years.  Last year I made them with the kids at Blake’s preschool.  We did them the day of the party, so since we were short on time I showed the class how it was made then made the rest while they were doing their crafts. They were amazed. If you want to do them with the class and have them participate I would suggest maybe doing it on another day seperate from the party.

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