DIY Mud Room

Mud Room TitleAfter seeing all the cute mud room areas on Pinterest, I decided to try my hand at putting something together in the empty space next to our garage fridge.  I would prefer a built-in, but since we didn’t have the money to hire someone and my husband and I aren’t the handiest I decided to use pre-built shelving.

Mud Room Supplies


I started with the ClosetMaid Bench as my base. I really love this bench because it’s sturdy and has great storage space.  I used them for storage in B’s playroom. I built the bench according to the directions but didn’t use the cushion.

mud room bench

Next, I put together the ClosetMaid Vertical Organizers, but without the middle shelves.  Set those aside because you can use them for added stability.  I used the provided shelf support to screw the shelf to the wall.  Since it wasn’t located on a stud I used a toggle bolt to anchor it to the wall, or at least I tried to.  I’m pretty certain I didn’t do this part correctly, since the shelf still moves.  I’m really good with a drill though 🙂

Mud RoomYou only need two vertical organizers, one on each end, because when you put the cube organizer on top it will create the look of three separate sections.

Mud Room While this probably would have been a simple project it got a little more complicated for me when I had to move the switch down for the garage door opener.  Which meant patching the drywall and repainting. Which meant trying to find the paint for the garage, which happened to be all dried up, which meant a trip to the paint store.  So my easy weekend project turned into two weekends.

After installing the vertical organizers, I put together the ClosetMaid Cube Organizer, excluding the middle shelves and backing.  I put the raw bottom edge against the side that faces our refrigerator.  I attempted to screw the shelf to the wall for stability. I slid the middle shelf pieces on the bottom of each section to give the vertical shelves more support and also put shelf pieces on the inside ends of the top shelf.

Lastly, I screwed coat hooks in each section.

Mud RoomThis is the finished product!  I’m pretty proud of it!  Just don’t climb on the shelves 🙂 It’s given us a great place to keep B’s sports gear and all the shoes that seem to end up by our door.


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