Detoxing your life: Food & Skincare

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Panera made headlines recently for becoming the first national restaurant company to share it’s list of unacceptable ingredients.  In an effort to reduce the amount of artificial additives they created the “No,No list“.  As someone who tries to eat more natural foods, I think it’s a step in the right direction and hope more restaurants follow their lead.  But not just restaurants.  Have you ever stopped to think about the number of artificial additives and chemicals you come into contact with on a daily basis?  One woman did and it inspired her to create a line of safer beauty products.

I was given the opportunity to sample and learn more about these products from my friend Courtney who is a Beautycounter Consultant. The company focuses on developing safer skin care and beauty products.  You would think in the United States the personal care industry would be highly regulated, but based on Beautycounter’s research companies are allowed to use known toxins in their products.  Scary.  In Europe there are over 1,300 banned ingredients while the US list only totals 11.  In an effort toward better health and safety Beautycounter has banned 1,500 ingredients from their products.


I was given the Countertime skin care sample set and also the KidsCounter Bath Collection Set.

The Countertime skin care line includes a soothing face wash, firming complex, day cream, night cream, eye perfector and nourishing balm.  I’m big on how products I use smell and these products smell wonderful.  I felt like a had a bouquet of flowers on my face (in a good way, not a I can smell grandma coming sorta way.)  They left my face feeling very fresh, moist and supple.  If you have dry skin I would recommend the balm, very moisture rich. (If anybody asks I told you to put the balm on- a little Seinfeld reference, couldn’t help it).  I will be placing an order for the Vibrant Eye Perfector.  I’ve got a Franken-eye deep wrinkle under my left eye and I feel like the eye cream helped smooth it out.  I was a little disappointed that the day cream didn’t contain an SPF but see that they’ve recently released a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20.  Great to see a company that is responsive to their clients.

I used the KidsCounter Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash on B. It smelled so good!  I felt like I was treating him to a spa treatment.  He actually liked it too. I liked the scent so much I stole the shampoo and conditioner and put it in my shower.  I figured I was a better test subject since I’ve got longer hair.  The shampoo and conditioner leave hair very silky and smooth.  I usually have a lot of tangles when combing out my hair but after using the Not a Knot conditioner my comb slid right through.  My husband even tried the shampoo and conditioner and remarked that it was very silky.  If we had a daughter I would definitely purchase. I think it would be great for fine hair.

Beautycounter has a full line of skin care and beauty products.  If you’d like to learn more or sample the products please contact Courtney Raska either through her Beautycounter page, Facebook Page or by email.




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