Celebrating Christmas Around the World

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Celebrating Christmas Around the World

A few years ago after getting tired of eating the same old holiday dinner my sister suggested we celebrate like another country.  So we did!  Every year we choose a different country and celebrate Christmas with that country’s traditions. Celebrating Christmas around the world is a fun way to learn about other countries and cultures. 

Celebrating Christmas Around The World

So far our Christmas around the world celebrations have taken us to Australia and China.  This year we’re celebrating like they do in Mexico.

Each year we pick a country and I research what types of foods and activities that country typically has to celebrate Christmas.  WhyChristmas.com is a great resource.

Australian Christmas

For our Australian Christmas we had a roast and plum pudding, which I enjoyed trying to light on fire.

Tip:  After a few unsuccessful attempts, Google informed me that you have to heat the alcohol in a pan over the stove to burn off the water so it will light.

We also opened Christmas crackers that had paper crowns, trinkets and games.

Austrailian christmas

Chinese Christmas

For our Chinese Christmas I ordered our favorites from PF Chang’s.

Unfortunately, Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in China.  The only tradition I was able to find was the giving of apples on Christmas Eve. Why apples?  Because the words Christmas Eve and apple sound similar in Chinese.

We ended up adapting some traditions from Chinese New Year celebrations and made up some games.  We played Chinese checkers, a marshmallow stacking game using chopsticks and a game of how many mini marshmallows we could put in a take-out container in a minute.

It was a blast! We also made origami lucky stars and lit floating lanterns.  You can check out my Chinese Christmas board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Chinese Christmas

Mexican Christmas

This year we are celebrating Christmas like they do in Mexico!  I plan on having tamales, playing Loteria and having a pinata.  I’ve also learned a nativity scene and poinsettias are a must. You can take a peek at what we’re planning on my Mexican Christmas board on Pinterest.  Check out our Mexican Christmas celebration here.

I’ve really enjoyed learning different traditions and look forward to learning new ones each year as we continue to celebrate Christmas around the world.

What sort of Christmas traditions does your family have?

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