April Stitch Fix Review – Spring Style

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my own Stitch Fix Review. You’ve gotten to see my sister’s Maternity Fix and my husband’s Stitch Fix for Men. After finally getting around to doing my annual Closet Clean Out I realized it was time to add some fresh pieces to my wardrobe. I figured Spring is the perfect excuse for a closet update so I scheduled a Stitch Fix delivery of my own.

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Stitch Fix Maternity- My Sister’s Maternity Fix

My gorgeous sister who you may remember from my post about her 1st Fix, Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party is expecting!  I am so excited for her.  Like most moms & mom’s-to-be she’s busy buying baby things and not one to spend much on herself, especially for clothes she’ll only wear for a little while.  So, I got her a Stitch Fix Gift Card she could use for a maternity fix.

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Stitch Fix Men Review- My Husband’s 2nd Fix

Stitch Fix Men Review #2
After a successful 1st Fix from Stitch Fix Men I scheduled a 2nd Fix for my husband.  Stitch Fix is a styling service for both men and women (Check out my Fixes here).  You can choose to have your 5 hand selected pieces delivered to you automatically on a schedule or just schedule a Fix whenever you’re ready.  See all the details about How Stitch Fix for Men Works Here. Continue reading “Stitch Fix Men Review- My Husband’s 2nd Fix”

November Stitch Fix Review- Stripes & Prints

November Stitch Fix Review

This month’s Stitch Fix Review is filled with a variety of great pieces.  Everything from stripes and skinny jeans to a wild animal print with a cardigan.

In my note to my stylist I requested a blanket scarf and a coat similar to the ones I pinned to my Pinterest Board.  I love that my stylist is able to look and see the types of outfits I am into.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have those items available in my size at the time. But, my stylist Rachel did send me an outfit similar to one I pinned.

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Why A Stitch Fix Gift Card Is The Perfect Gift Idea

Stitch Fix Gift Cards - The Perfect Gift Idea
Some people are so hard to buy gifts for. The trend now is to give experiences instead of just stuff.  What if I told you there was a gift you can give that is both a fun, personalized experience and also tangible gift they can keep or return without hurting your feelings?  Read on to see what makes a Stitch Fix Gift Card the perfect gift idea.

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