Write It Down- Journaling Your Kid’s Funny Moments

Write It Down

Here is a great Mother’s Day gift idea for all the sentimental mothers.   You’ve heard people say it plenty of times when you relate a funny or sweet story about your child, “You should write that down”. Well, I agree. When Blake was a little over a year old I purchased a journal to write down all the cute, funny, sweet things he does. It is fun for all of us to look back at the different things I’ve recorded. I keep it in my nightstand with a pen so I can jot down things as they happen. Continue reading “Write It Down- Journaling Your Kid’s Funny Moments”

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up and I thought I’d share some ideas to show your child’s teacher just how much you appreciate them putting up with your child.  Seriously, God bless teachers.  I have no idea how they handle all those children without losing it on a daily basis.  I totally understand why you see teachers at Happy Hour on Fridays.  Teachers are definitely special people, especially those (like my Mom) who use their own resources and work countless hours after school to make sure their students succeed.

Here are a few teacher appreciation gift ideas to show your appreciation. Continue reading “Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas”

April Showers: Indoor Mini Golf

Indoor Mini Golf

You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”  Here’s a fun idea of what to do on those rainy spring days.  Set up your own Indoor Mini Golf Course.  B & I had a blast setting one up and then playing our course.  He even got creative and made a concession stand.   Continue reading “April Showers: Indoor Mini Golf”

Easter Party Ideas

Easter Party IdeasSpring is here! It’s time to celebrate new beginnings and Easter.  Here are some ideas for your next Easter party.

Sticking with the fun party formula: Craft + Games + Food= Fun! + An Easter Egg Hunt= Even more Fun!!! Continue reading “Easter Party Ideas”

Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Ideas

Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Blake’s 6th birthday with a Ninja Turtle Birthday Party.  The kids had a blast!  We held the party at Lifetime Fitness and had the best party co-ordinator.  I brought in the ideas and he helped set everything up and really got into playing with the kids.  I’m sharing all the details to help you plan your own Ninja Turtle Birthday Party. Continue reading “Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Ideas”