Bachelorette Party Ideas

To celebrate my sister’s upcoming wedding I hosted a fun girl’s night out bachelorette party.  We did the bachelorette party the same day as my sister’s Bridal Shower so her bridesmaids who were from out of town didn’t have to travel in twice.  It made for a busy day but worked out well.

Bachelorette Party Evite

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Bridal Brunch Ideas

Bridal Brunch IdeasI recently had the pleasure of hosting a Bridal Shower for my little sister in honor of her upcoming wedding.  I had so much fun planning a vintage, wildflower bridal brunch that I hope made her feel special. I’ve included all the details to help you plan a bridal brunch of your own. Continue reading “Bridal Brunch Ideas”

Favorite Easter Recipes

Favorite Easter RecipesToday I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite Easter recipes.  Starting with breakfast. Continue reading “Favorite Easter Recipes”

Soldier Nerf Gun Birthday Party

Soldier Nerf Gun Birthday Party

We recently celebrated B’s 7th birthday with a soldier themed Nerf Gun party.  He is Nerf Gun & Soldier obsessed so combining the two for a party just made sense. It was a lot of fun.  Here are the details for putting together your own Soldier Nerf Gun birthday party.

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Valentine’s Dinner at Home

valentine's dinner

Valentine’s Dinner has become somewhat of a tradition at our house.  Years ago before B was born my hubby and I tried to celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to dinner. We haven’t gone out on V-Day since.  It’s the 2nd busiest day of the year for restaurants after Mother’s Day.   Instead, I started making a special dinner for us instead. It’s a quick & easy menu that is just as good as any visit to a restaurant, without the waiting. Continue reading “Valentine’s Dinner at Home”