Back to School Organization

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Back to School Organization

I can’t believe it’s already time to head back for a new school year.  Today, I’m going to share with you a couple of ideas to get you organized and prepared to go back to school.

First off, a gift for your child’s new teacher.  Teachers really do put a lot of extra time and money into our children. I filled a basket with some items I know B’s teacher will need throughout the year as well as some sweet treats.

Teacher Survival Kit
Teacher Survival Kit

Next up, our car rider sign.  My handwriting is not the best so I printed out our sign (last names removed for this post).  I punched holes and used string to make a hanger that I place over my rearview mirror.  I went ahead and printed out and cut strips for some of the kiddos I pick-up from time to time.  I keep the sign and extra names with paper clips in the back seat pocket of my car so it’s always ready to go.  If I’m picking up extra kids I just attach their name strip with paper clips to my sign.

Car Rider Sign


When B started school I got excited about packing him lunches, pinned a bunch of bento box lunch ideas and bought fun lunch containers.  Well, that didn’t happen, he chose to buy his lunch instead, which probably makes things easier on me.  I still give him the option of bringing his lunch and he always wants to know what they are having so he can decide.  I print out the lunch menu and hang it inside the cabinet near our fridge.  I put up a magnetic board inside the cabinet to hang the menu.  You can see our morning and bedtime routine hanging on our fridge from my previous post.
School Menu


On the side of the cabinet below where we keep the menu is B’s Command Center.  I put up a piece of flashing from the hardware store to serve as a dry erase/magnetic board.  It’s got B’s chore chart and a magnetic dry erase calendar where I write down his events. If you plan to use flashing I would put a frame around the metal because it is very sharp.  I still haven’t done that yet even though I’ve had this up for years now.
Chore Chart and Calendar

B’s school has the kids punch in a code to purchase their lunch.  In order to help him memorize the code I post the keypad practice sheet near our kitchen table and have him punch in his code before any meals. I keep the number visible for the first couple of times then fold it over once he knows the number.

Lunch Keypad

What are you doing to get ready to go back to school?




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