Tip Tuesday | Tip #36

Tip #36- Use Slow Cooker Liners for easy clean up

With fall approaching and football season here it’s time to break out the crock-pot!  There is nothing easier and better than a slowly simmered meal from the crock-pot or queso on game day.  Make cleaning up easy too by using slow cooker liners.  Before I stumbled across these my husband and I would fight over who had to clean the leftover cheese out of the crock pot, a most unpleasant task.  Now I always line my crock pot on game day before making queso and there’s no mess to clean up.  Check out  some of our favorite Game Day Treats & my favorite Crock Pot Recipes on Pinterest.

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At Home Rewards & Consequences for School Behavior

“What color were you on today?”  That’s the question I ask my son every time he gets in the car after school. After I ask how his day was of course.  I always want to be sure he was on his best behavior and there isn’t anything we need to talk about.  Luckily he is usually a pretty well behaved child. But, there have been days where his behavior isn’t that great and it catches me off guard on how to respond. To solve this problem we came up with a chart of rewards & consequences related to his behavior at school.

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Tip Tuesday | Tip #35

Tip #35 -Lay-out Outfits for the Week

Save time and avoid those last minute Laundry “emergencies” by laying-out outfits for you & your kids for the whole week.  I mentioned laying out clothes the night before in my post about Ways to Make School Mornings Easier .  Picking out clothes for the entire week gives you more time for your Bedtime Routine on school nights.  It also helps you make sure you’ve got the orange shirt ready for orange shirt day (or whatever special shirt day it is) and that your child didn’t wear the only orange shirt he owns the day before.

An Easy Laundry System – Just 2 Days a Week

As a systemized person I basically analyze and have a “system” for everything I do.  From Grocery Shopping, Menu Planning and even the way I do laundry.  Nobody likes doing it but it must be done.  I’m sharing my easy laundry system for getting ALL your laundry done in two days before lunch.

Easy Laundry System

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