Tip Tuesday | Tip #6

Tip 6- Use Clear Rubber Bands to Track What You Wear

I just finished tagging my closet for the year.  As part of my Closet Clean-Out System, I place a clear rubber band on every hanger in my closet at the beginning of the year.  When I wear something I remove the rubber band.  At the end of the year I can see what has been worn and what may need to be donated (my husband is hanging on to some 3 band items, ie: items that haven’t been worn in 3 years).  Tagging the closet also helps me see what hasn’t been worn so I can mix things up a little.

$500 Stitch Fix Valentine Giveaway!

Stitch Fix $500 Giveaway

I am so excited to share a HUGE giveaway on the blog today!  You know I love Stitch Fix and what better way to share that love than by giving away a gift card to Stitch Fix.  Not just any old gift card.

A $500 gift card!!!

Yes, you read that correctly, five hundred dollars! It’s my first giveaway so why not go big? Continue reading “$500 Stitch Fix Valentine Giveaway!”

Stitch Fix Review #12 – A Comfy Cozy Fix

Stitch Fix Review #12

After receiving my 12th Fix I’ve decided I need to schedule a vacation to a cozy ski lodge.  Once again Kate hit it out of the park. I requested a vest because I’ve really been wanting to rock a vest.  Not only did she find me a fabulous vest, she also referenced how to achieve the looks I’ve pinned to my Pinterest board with the pieces she sent. Read on to see my comfy, cozy Stitch Fix Review. Continue reading “Stitch Fix Review #12 – A Comfy Cozy Fix”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #5

Tip 5- use vaseline on earrings to prevent irritation

I have very sensitive ears and this tip has helped me wear earrings again!