Tip Tuesday | Tip #6

Tip 6- Use Clear Rubber Bands to Track What You Wear

I just finished tagging my closet for the year.  As part of my Closet Clean-Out System, I place a clear rubber band on every hanger in my closet at the beginning of the year.  When I wear something I remove the rubber band.  At the end of the year I can see what has been worn and what may need to be donated (my husband is hanging on to some 3 band items, ie: items that haven’t been worn in 3 years).  Tagging the closet also helps me see what hasn’t been worn so I can mix things up a little.

$500 Stitch Fix Valentine Giveaway!

Stitch Fix $500 Giveaway

I am so excited to share a HUGE giveaway on the blog today!  You know I love Stitch Fix and what better way to share that love than by giving away a gift card to Stitch Fix.  Not just any old gift card.

A $500 gift card!!!

Yes, you read that correctly, five hundred dollars! It’s my first giveaway so why not go big? Continue reading “$500 Stitch Fix Valentine Giveaway!”

Stitch Fix Review #12 – A Comfy Cozy Fix

Stitch Fix Review #12

After receiving my 12th Fix I’ve decided I need to schedule a vacation to a cozy ski lodge.  Once again Kate hit it out of the park. I requested a vest because I’ve really been wanting to rock a vest.  Not only did she find me a fabulous vest, she also referenced how to achieve the looks I’ve pinned to my Pinterest board with the pieces she sent. Continue reading “Stitch Fix Review #12 – A Comfy Cozy Fix”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #5

Tip 5- use vaseline on earrings to prevent irritation

I have very sensitive ears and this tip has helped me wear earrings again!