Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl Party Ideas

The best part of Super Bowl Sunday, the food!  I always look forward to all the yummy chips & dips that are part of any football gathering.   The big game is also a fun time for friendly wagers and football themed fun for the kids.  Here are some ideas to serve up some fun at your next Super Bowl gathering. Continue reading “Super Bowl Party Ideas”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #4

Tip #4

Ever since I learned this tip a few years ago I do this every time I wash my face.  To prevent chapped lips my family loves using Burt’s Bees chapstick.  Santa put some fun flavors in my stocking this year and I’ve really enjoyed the coconut and grapefruit along with our favorite peppermint.

Modern Day Couponing – The Digital Way

Modern Day Couponing- The Digital Way

If you’re ready for an easy, almost effortless way to save money, put down the scissors and pick up your smart phone.  Today I’m going to share with you three of my favorite apps for “couponing”.  If you read my post on The Easiest Way to Grocery Shop I briefly touched on two of the apps I use to save at the grocery store.  I’ve got full details for you today to help you save at the grocery store and so much more. Continue reading “Modern Day Couponing – The Digital Way”

Tip Tuesday | Tip #3

Tip 3- place a wooden spoon across a pot to prevent it from boiling over


This trick really does work.   Mine fell in and still worked!  According to the spoon pops the unstable bubbles causing them to subside.

Wooden spoon to prevent boiling over

Mapping Out a Fit Year

Mapping Out A Fit Year

I’ve mentioned before that working out isn’t my favorite thing, but I know it’s important to maintain my health.  I used to go to the gym to workout but after B was born I started doing Beachbody programs (check out my reviews for 21 Day Fix, T25, Brazil Butt Lift, 10-Minute Trainer, Cize, and BodyBeast).  They work great for me because I like to have a plan to follow instead of wandering around the gym trying to decide which machine I want to do or which muscle group I should workout. I also like being able to wake up, push play and get my workout done first thing in the morning without even thinking.

I’ve mapped out a workout plan for the year with all my favorite Beachbody programs to help me stay on the right track. Continue reading “Mapping Out a Fit Year”