Planning a Trip to Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney World

We recently took our 1st family trip to Disney World! In the next few blog posts I’ll share with you everything that goes into planning a trip to Disney World (planning, packing, dining, extra magic).

Let’s start at the beginning:  Planning. Continue reading “Planning a Trip to Disney World”

Detoxing your life: Food & Skincare

*While the products discussed were provided to me at no cost, all comments are my honest opinion.

Panera made headlines recently for becoming the first national restaurant company to share it’s list of unacceptable ingredients.  In an effort to reduce the amount of artificial additives they created the “No,No list“.  As someone who tries to eat more natural foods, I think it’s a step in the right direction and hope more restaurants follow their lead.  But not just restaurants.  Have you ever stopped to think about the number of artificial additives and chemicals you come into contact with on a daily basis?  One woman did and it inspired her to create a line of safer beauty products. Continue reading “Detoxing your life: Food & Skincare”

How to make Traveling for Work Easier

How to Make Traveling for Work Easier

As a working mom, traveling for work can be a bit difficult.  I’ve got a few tips and ideas to make it easier on everyone. Continue reading “How to make Traveling for Work Easier”

Write It Down- Journaling Your Kid’s Funny Moments

Write It Down

Here is a great Mother’s Day gift idea for all the sentimental mothers.   You’ve heard people say it plenty of times when you relate a funny or sweet story about your child, “You should write that down”. Well, I agree. When Blake was a little over a year old I purchased a journal to write down all the cute, funny, sweet things he does. It is fun for all of us to look back at the different things I’ve recorded. I keep it in my nightstand with a pen so I can jot down things as they happen. Continue reading “Write It Down- Journaling Your Kid’s Funny Moments”

How to Organize Photos

How to Organize Photos

As a mom you probably take a ton of photos, especially now that you can take them right on your phone that is most likely always with you. But what in the world are you supposed to do with all those photos? Today, I’m sharing how to organize photos quickly and easily. Continue reading “How to Organize Photos”